9 years old, male — A beautiful house. (Phnom Penh-Cambodia)
ChildSafe Guesthouses & Hotels

Cambodia has many guest-houses and hotels to choose from, for all tastes and budgets. Like anywhere else, lodging is an important component of a pleasant holiday experience. Select places that are clean, friendly and ChildSafe!

With over 35% of sex workers under the age of 18 years of age, we encourage you to stay at places that prohibit sex work activities.

To make sure that the hotel or guesthouse that you choose does not allow or encourage prostitution, choose those that actively support the ChildSafe child protection policy by implementing the ChildSafe policy in their premises.

To find ChildSafe places and make your stay in Cambodia much more enjoyable, please click on the links below.

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 Phnom Penh  Siem Reap  Sihanouk Ville